U.S. School director of the year: “TM in schools is the best program I’ve come across in 40 years”

james-dierkeAt a recent charity gala organised by the David Lynch Foundation in Los Angeles, Carlos Garcia, the boss of 20.000 employees in the educational system in San Francisco, made a passionate argument for the introduction of Transcendental Meditation in all schools across the U.S. Although many counter arguments were thrown at him when he first introduced TM as an experiment in schools in San Francisco, the results were so impressive that the experiment has now been extended to 4 schools and 2000 students, with another 16 schools on the wait list. In his 30 year career he had never before seen such results. Globally over 700 school have introduced TM as a standard part of the curriculum.

Jim Durke, school director of the first school in San Francisco to take part in the experiment in 2007, also gave a speech. In 2008 he received the title of “school director of the year” from President Bush, due to the enormously positive transformation in his school. In this video you will first see Mr. Durke, and then Mr. Garcia speak.

Here’s another video with testimonies from children who participated in the Quiet Time (TM in education) program


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